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[Worlds Project pt. 1]

Porter Robinson ft. Amy Millan - Divinity

To show my appreciation and honor Porter’s new album, I will be creating a single cover every few days. Hopefully I’ll finish all 12 tracks before I see him live at the Shrine on the 13th :)

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grids 2/?

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What the heck Anton???? Lolol.


Zedd’s Journey To “Find You”

omg he wants to find me uwu

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I will never not reblog this gif set whenever it comes across my dash.

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to every art student everywhere


i believe in all of you

and so does Bob Ross

reblog for art students and artists.

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Get to know: Madeon (insp.)

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do you have that one person that means a whole lot to you but you also really want them out of your life

raven from teen titanss

sorry i havent been too active lately, i prioritize school morethan i prioritize my blog so i try to post/draw something when i have the timmee // sorry about that ;c

but yeh here i am

(raven belongs to teen titans, art is mine)